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Employment Discrimination
There are many types of employment discrimination. 

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Dedicated to Representing Employees 
The law firm of Imbesi Law P.C. is located in Manhattan, New York. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for their clients who have been involved in various legal issues, including employment discrimination.  Our attorneys are available to handle employment law related matters including:

Wrongful Termination of Employment
New York State Labor Law Violations
New York City Employment Discrimination Law
Sexual Harassment
Race Discrimination in Employment
Sex Discrimination in Employment
Age Discrimination in Employment
Religious and Ethnic Heritage Discrimination
Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Employment
Breach of Employment Agreements
Negotiating or Reviewing Employment Contracts
Negotiating Severance Agreements
Arbitration of Employment Agreements
Family Medical Leave Act Violations (FMLA Leave)
Americans With Disabilities Act (Denial of Reasonable Accommodation)
International Employment
Fair Labor Standards Act Violations (Minimum Wage and Overtime)
Improper Denial of Pension Benefits
Pension Law Violations (ERISA)

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